Secondary Data Manual

Our team has gathered and cataloged population representative survey data, geospatial infrastructure data, and remotely sensed datasets from across southern Africa and sub-Saharan Africa more broadly. These datasets can be used to test hypotheses related to meso- and macro-level determinants of energy poverty and impacts of shocks or natural experiments, and to provide contextual information on how longer-term trends in population and environment dynamics are influencing energy poverty related outcomes. These datasets were produced and are owned by entities not associated with our project, so our aim is to produce a database that connects researchers to data that may be outside of their discipline.

The EPPSA Secondary Data Manual is a source of information about the different secondary datasets that have been gathered by our team from various sources. The datasets are organized into different categories and by data format. Over time, this manual will be updated with the most current version. In this document, you can find: what data our team currently has access to, for which countries and years, and how to access the datasets. Please email if you have suggestions of datasets we should include or if you have any questions about data content, availability, or access.