Zambia has made significant strides in increasing energy access through private sector investment and support for markets for clean energy and technologies. As Zambia’s economy has grown over the past twenty years, there has also been a growth in the demand for energy, particularly electricity, which is operated by three operators, the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO), Copperbelt Energy Corporation PLC (CEC), and Lusemfwa Hydro Power Corporation. Currently, urban electrification is at 45% and rural electrification is at 14%, and is expected to increase since the inclusion of power generation as a priority sector under the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Act of 2006. The building of power plants to generate hydro, thermal, and solar power qualify for tax concessions under this Act, encouraging further investment in this area. Zambia has particularly good potential for solar energy projects, given high levels of sunshine throughout the year.