The EPPSA project takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to research the effects of energy poverty on energy poor populations, the impacts of fuel burning on air quality and natural resources, factors in energy transitions in sub-Saharan Africa, and functionality of health systems and other public infrastructure in societies with limited electricity infrastructure. In addition to our primary data collection efforts, team members work on analyzing existing data sets to answer questions about energy poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past two years, our team has worked to gather and catalog secondary datasets that can be used to answer questions about energy poverty. National surveys, geospatial infrastructure data, and remotely sensed datasets can be used on their own or in combination. These datasets were produced and are owned by entities not associated with our project, so our aim is to produce a database that connects researchers to data that may be outside of their discipline. This is an ongoing effort with two aims: (1) to catalog these data and identify specific applications to energy poverty research, and (2) to conduct secondary data analyses to answer questions related to our team’s interests about energy poverty. Please see the “Data” tab to learn more about the datasets we have identified; see the “Projects Underway” tab to learn more about the different analyses our team members are in the process of completing. We will continue to update this site with new datasets and projects, so please check back for updates.